Samsung Galaxy S9 camera details come into focus ahead of MWC reveal

It’s countdown time for Samsung as they prepare to unveil the new Galaxy S9 phones at Mobile World Congress in just about one week. After it was reported the S9 and S9 Plus would be more refreshes than revolutionary redesign, some more details about the phones have popped up on a German site called WinFuture. Looks like […]

Xing Mobility promises an electric super car quicker than a Tesla Roadster

With a claimed 0-to-60-mph time of 1.9 seconds, the next-generation Tesla Roadsteraims to become the quickest-accelerating car in production. But Tesla has at least one rival. A Taiwanese company called Xing Mobility claims to be building an electric supercar that could be even quicker than the Tesla. Xing Mobility claims its supercar will have 1,341 horsepower, […]