Artificial Intelligence Changes The Corporate World

It feels as if AI right now is like that moment when you are on an airplane, and you are about to take off, the front wheels are off the ground and the wings have a lift. There is a second or two when you know your reality of being on the ground is about […]

How The 2018 VR Headsets Will Impact Classroom Learning

Let’s face it, Virtual Reality is really cool, and most educators agree that at one level or another it could be beneficial to student engagement or take us back to the days when field trips were easier and less of a legal hassle. The reality is that up to this point, the cost of Virtual […]

Cryptojacking is the new ransomware is that good or not?

In our history of malware feature, we looked at how malware tends to come in waves. While the latest and most dangerous in recent memory has been ransomware, it’s been pushed far from the top spot of common attacks in recent months by the advent of cryptominers, which look to force infected systems to mine cryptocurrency […]